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Value-Added Resources for Farmers and Entrepreneurs — Farmers Markets



Consideration and Development . . .

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Characteristics and Trends . . .

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Assistance and Funding Sources . . .

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Risk, Safety and Liability . . .

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  • Managing Risks and Liability at California Certified Farmers Markets — Although written for California farmers markets, this resource provides insight useful to Tennessee markets as well. The publication addresses topics such as running a safe and secure market and obtaining liability and other insurance.

  • Safe Handling of Food at Open Markets — This chapter will help identify critical control points in storage and display that are important to food safety in the market.

  • Food Safety for Farmers' Markets — This fact sheet contains information to help producers selling in a farmers' market address safety concerns in production, harvest and handling, and marketing and sales.

  • Farmers' Markets Rules, Regulations and Opportunities — This study examines the structure and operation of farmers' markets in the United States, giving special attention to the legal and regulatory issues that may shape their operation. By looking at the rules and regulations markets use and by considering issues markets experience, it is possible to identify the most important challenges vendors and managers of markets may face. The goal of this article is to provide a resource that will be valuable for farmers considering a farmers' market, to vendors now selling at farmers' markets, to the organizers and managers who run markets, and to those thinking about creating new markets. 



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